3 metre lengths

Atkore Marco’s PVC Conduit straights are manufactured in 3 metre lengths.
Each pack contains 30 x 3m lengths of conduit.

UKCA & CE Marked

Lengths and accessories in the Atkore Marco PVC Conduit range are UKCA and CE Marked. 

British Standards

Atkore Marco’s PVC Conduit is compliant to the following British Standards:
• BS4607 part 1
• BS EN IEC 61386-1:2008
• BS EN 61386-21:2021+A11:2021
• BS EN IEC 60695-1-11:2021

20mm & 25mm Options

PVC Conduit by Atkore Marco is available in both 20mm and 25mm to meet your application requirements.

Available in two colours

Atkore Marco’s PVC Conduit straights and accessories are available in both White and Black options to suit any installation.


Introducing the new PVC Conduit range to the Atkore Marco product portfolio.

Atkore Marco’s Heavy Gauge PVC Conduit range is the perfect cost effective solution for your next project. PVC Conduit can often be seen utilised in new buildings and refurbishment projects.

A full range of fittings and accessories are available, ensuring almost any installation can be specified using Atkore Marco products.

The PVC Conduit range is light weight and are easier to install compared to steel conduit alternatives. Atkore Marco’s PVC Conduit range is designed to suit all types of installation environments.


  • MRC20W

    20mm 3M Conduit Heavy Gauge White

  • MRC25W

    25mm 3M Conduit Heavy Gauge White

  • MRC201W

    20mm 1 Way Terminal Box White

  • MRC251W

    25mm 1 Way Terminal Box White

  • MRC202W

    20mm 2 Way Through Box White

  • MRC252W

    25mm 2 Way Through Box White

  • MRC20AW

    20mm 2 Way Angle Box White

  • MRC25AW

    25mm 2 Way Angle Box White

  • MRC20TW

    20mm 3 Way Tee Box White

  • MRC25TW

    25mm 3 Way Tee Box White

  • MRC204W

    20mm 4 Way Intersection Box White 

  • MRC254W

    25mm 4 Way Intersection Box White

  • MRC20UBW

    20mm 2 Way U Branch Box White 

  • MRC20YBW

    20mm 3 Way Y Branch Box White 

  • MRC20L4KOW

    20mm Loopin Box & 4 Base K-O'S White 

  • MRC20ITW

    20mm Inspection Tee White

  • MRC25ITW

    25mm Inspection Tee White

  • MRC20NBW

    20mm Normal Standard Bend White

  • MRC25NBW

    25mm Normal Standard Bend White 

  • MRC20CW

    20mm Solid Coupler White

  • MRC25CW

    25mm Solid Coupler White

  • MRC20MBW

    20mm Male Bush White

  • MRC25MBW

    25mm Male Bush White

  • MRC20IEW

    20mm Inspection Elbow White

  • MRC25IEW

    25mm Inspection Elbow White

  • MRC20IBW

    20mm Inspection Bend White

  • MRC25IBW

    25mm Inspection Bend White

  • MRC25RW

    25-20mm Reducers White

  • MRC20MAW

    20mm Male Adaptor White

  • MRC25MAW

    25mm Male Adaptor White

  • MRC20FAW

    20mm Female Adaptor White

  • MRC25FAW

    25mm Female Adaptor White

  • MRC20SBW

    20mm Spacer Bar Saddle White

  • MRC25SBW

    25mm Spacer Bar Saddle White

  • MRC20CSW

    20mm Round Spring Clip Saddle White

  • MRC25CSW

    25mm Round Spring Clip Saddle White 


    65mm Dia Circular Lid White

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